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SmartBridge is delivering both the standard IoT solutions and turnkey custom development.

About us

The company Smartbridge is an IoT integrator operating primarily in the Czech and Slovak Republics. We provide comprehensive services in the field of Internet of Things - from securing your hardware (sensors / monitoring devices) for data collection to the development and provision of mobile and internet applications created for the needs of the service and the client including subsequent support and customer care. For its solutions we use the transmission network utilising all available technologies (ie. LoRa, SIGFOX, GSM, 3G / 4G, etc.).

Smartbridge company is part of one of the major consortia dealing with IoT services in the Czech Republic. This consortium includes developers and terminal equipment manufacturers, the leading provider of infrastructure and big IT companies providing application development on all relevant platforms.

Thanks to our long-term experiences from ICT sector we are offering also consulting from different areas of technology consulting including the planning and deployment of the communication networks, building of data centres, implementation of information systems, programming of applications, etc.

Internet of Things

Internet of things ( "IoT") is currently the subject that moves the technology world. With the rapid development of new wireless technologies and advanced data analysis capabilities vastly growing the number of intelligent devices connected to the Internet by different technologies. The Internet of Things touches eg. the monitoring and security of buildings, parcels, vehicles and the full range of measurement devices, tracking animals, air quality monitoring, supervision street lights, traffic lights and sewage systems, management of parking spaces, etc.

The phenomenon of the Internet of Things not only allows the collection of date from places previously unavailable (eg. from places without a steady source of electricity or low cost sensors from places where it was financially impractical), locally evaluate the data and set basic reactions and warnings, but also remotely control devices and on the basis of central data analysis to predict behaviour, creating models from various input data, and remotely access the collected data via mobile or internet applications.


HW / Terminals

The terminal equipment is the basic active element of the service provided. We provide development, production and monitoring of sensors, monitoring devices and other sophisticated equipment across various sectors of professional and everyday life.


For the transmission of information from terminal devices supporting all major types of connectivity used for the Internet of Things (LoRa, SIGFOX, GSM / 3G / 4G). We carefully select the type of connectivity, as appropriate for the specific solutions required by the service / client.

Application / Presentation layer

The basic prerequisite for our success is the ability to offer the customer a clear display of information, whether directly obtained from the terminal equipment and arising out of the data analysis. Our customers typically require application available via the Internet, mobile devices, respectively an interface to their own information systems.

Supervision and customer service

Besides the development and implementation of end-user devices and applications we also provide our customers with their operations, the required customer support, supervision and service.


Safety is an essential aspect of our services. During the development of terminal devices / applications and their operations we always recommend our customers the optimum safety standards corresponding to the client's needs.


Smart City

Smart City

Smart City

  • Parking Management
  • Intelligent Bins
  • Smart Benches
  • Smart Lighting
Smart Environment

Smart Environment

Smart Environment

  • Metheorology Stations
  • Precipation Monitoring
  • Air & Dust Monitoring
  • Noise Monitoring
Smart Agriculture

Smart Agriculture

Smart Agriculture

  • Bush-fire Monitoring
  • Cattle Tracking
  • Fertilising Management
  • Irrigation Management
Smart Industry & Logistics

Smart Industry & Logistics

Smart Industry & Logistics

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Asset Tracking
  • Utilities Metering
  • Parcel Track and Trace
Smart Facility Management

Smart Facility Management

Smart Facility Management

  • Security Alarms
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Temperature Alarms
  • Heating Management
Smart Homes & Healthcare

Smart Homes & Healthcare

Smart Homes & Healthcare

  • Home Security Alarms
  • Pet Tracking
  • Smoke & Flood Alarms
  • Home Care Button


TreeSmart Bench (alias "smart bench")

TreeSmart and SmartBridge developed a smart bench "TreeSmart", which helps to improve comfort of residents and tourists in both capitals, and during their trips in nature using the latest technologies and fully in harmony with nature.

TreeSmart bench offers charging of mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices using the USB connector with LED backlighting or a wireless charger, the TreeSmart bench also provides the use of Wi-Fi networks, all 24/7. Charging is provided by a solar panel. Sensors placed on the bench TreeSmart bench allow charting of meteorological data, monitor noise and in the extended version of the bench there is an emergency "panic" button and a webcam installed providing greater public safety and the ability to communicate with Integrated Rescue Brigade. TreeSmart bench increases the comfort and safety of residents 24 hours a day.

bench 2
bench 3



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